• blah 20.08.2008 6 Comments

    I like Japanese food. Not that much, though. I think the dishes have funny names. Consider sukiyaki. Do you think it sounds like “sucky-yucky”? hahah. How about teri-yucky, or yucky-niku. Hey, did I just make you lose your appetite for Japanese food anyways?

    I cooked squid teriyaki last time, and when I was asked what the name of my cooking was, I simply said “squid teri-yummy”. Sounds cooler, eh?

  • blah 18.08.2008 3 Comments

    This is a public restroom in Parang Tritis beach area, Jogjakarta. They charge you if you need to use it. Many public restrooms in Indonesia charge you money. Here in this place you have to pay Rp 1500 for a shower, Rp 1000 for washing, and Rp 2000 for toilet business. I wonder if you do all those three at once: take a shower, wash your body, and use the toilet at once. That would cost you Rp 4500. Wow. Well, no one knows what you do inside, so I guess you can just say you only wash your hands there and pay Rp 1000. They won’t know you take a shower or do other business inside, unless there’s a hidden camera and some guy monitoring you outside :P.

  • blah 07.08.2008 2 Comments

    This is the most ridiculous thing i have ever seen.

    Is it a stuffed dog?

    Is it a pencil?

    A dog with a pencil body..or a pencil with a dog head? It is just ridiculous…I just call it a pencil dog anyways…hahah..you can call it whatever you want though..

    My cousin has it. His mother said he cried like crazy when he was a baby since he insisted her on buying the thing for him…i guess i understand why…i will surely buy one if i ever see another pencil dog like that hahah…

  • blah 07.08.2008 1 Comment

    Hey ya!

    I have new webpage. I have two blogs already. Sounds greedy? I dont think so. My friend made me this webpage and it is totally  free (I hope so, haha)…Isn’t that awesome or what? So i guess i can learn more stuff on building a webpage and all that. Not bad, eh?

    So, enjoy my new webpage.