• blah 19.09.2008 6 Comments

    Just being silly (er, or creative i would say, haha).

  • blah 13.09.2008 4 Comments

    Be tough Nina..sometimes the mountain you’ve been climbing is just a grain of sand..

  • blah 11.09.2008 2 Comments

    Square, yellow, holds water

    Square, white, holds air

    Fake Spongebob from snack box my friend and I made during a friend’s thesis seminar. We were kindof bored, so we made this. Well at least we didn’t make any noise there ;).

  • blah 02.09.2008 4 Comments

    I wonder why they put balls in this dress. It looks kindof funny and silly. I wonder what the dress maker thinks. I dont think I have balls to wear a dress with balls like that. Or maybe I don’t need balls because I already have more balls from the dress? Haha. If so, then the dress is a weird yet genius idea, I can say.