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    Sometimes you have to memorize things when learning English grammar. Using mnemonics, it will be easier for you to memorize words. I found some mnemonics from my friend’s thesis. I think he wouldn’t be mad if i post them here for you so you can use it to help you learn English. (Note that some of the acronyms are in Indonesian or Javanese, but if you are not a speaker of Indonesian, you can try still, or create your own :P).

    Verbs followed by gerund

    BeLiDisCon (Begin, Like, Dislike, Continue)

    Forest (Forget, Remember, Stop)

    AdA (Admit, Avoid)

    PaSuKAn (Postpone, Suggest, Keep, Anticipate)

    PRiA (Practice, Risk, Against)

    Verbs followed by infinitive

    PrAWaNe BegO (Promise, Ask, Want, Need, Beg, Order) <– not a good one, heheh

    ADHEM PAk (Arrange, Decide, Hope, Encourage, Mean, Plan and Ask)

    Verbs of Perception

    He, NOfi LeWat CaFe SeKS Lo (Hear, Notice, Observe, Find, Leave, Watch, Catch, Feel, See, Keep, Smell, Look at)

    The last one was created by my teacher back then in highschool. Also not a good one I guess, haha.

    Hope it helps :D