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    Punctuation is the name of marks we use on writing. These marks help us understand sentences. They also help us determine the intonation and pauses when we read aloud. Okay maybe that sounds kindof technical. What’s the point of punctuation then? See these two sentences:

    Annie, my mother is the best teacher.

    Annie, my mother, is the best teacher.

    Can  you see the difference? In the first sentence, I am telling someone named Annie about my mother, while in the second sentence, I am telling someone about my mother, whose name is Annie. Now you see that the punctuation, in this case a comma, changes the meaning of the sentence completely.

    I found a funny example of punctuation here:

    Now take a look at these sentences:

    Let’s eat grandma!

    Let’s eat, grandma!

    I guess you’ve come to understand what the comma means.

    Yep, punctuation is powerful. It even saves a life, haha!


    Grammar Smart Junior (Liz Buffa)