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    I have always wanted to see the world. I’ve been studying foreign languages (English in particular) since i was a kid. Of course when you study or learn a language you will also be intrigued to know more about the culture where the language is spoken, and then you will want to visit the country.

    It was pretty hard to go back then because going abroad is something that neither my parents nor I could afford, and airfare was very expensive. Nothing is impossible, though. I managed to go anyways. Working as a university teacher gives me opportunities. If it’s too expensive to go for a vacation, there are other ways. One door closes, other doors open. If you’re an academic, besides studying abroad, what else can you do but writing a paper, sending it to a conference, and praying that it will be accepted and that the university can be your sponsor (and definitely you have to save some money as you can’t expect to be completely funded, and you will need to  buy souvenirs for your friends and family). That way you can get more benefits: learning new things from the conference, and having a vacation at the same time. Cheap tickets can also be advantageous as you will have connecting flights and then you can see more places too if you’re lucky.

    So far i’ve been to British commonwealth countries. I’ve visited Malaysia, Hongkong, Australia, Singapore, and one ex Portuguese colony, Macau. Seeing the pattern, who knows if i can go to Canada, or USA, or England next, haha! (and Mecca for sure!)

    Kuala Lumpur, 2011

    Sydney, 2012

    Singapore, 2013

    Hongkong, 2013

    Macau, 2013